Website Design and development Agency in Mumbai

Website Design

How often have you come across website that were so poorly designed and  was so difficult to navigate through that you literally felt like pulling your hair? Quite a few we are sure. Well, don’t let that happen to your website! Your website is the first impression that your audience gets of your brand and it that doesn’t stick, nothing will. 8 Byte Infotech is web design and development company in Mumbai that creates magical websites that engages your customers and creates the perfect first impression for your website! We don’t just create creative and unique website design but also develop an easy to navigate website flow.

UI/UX and Website Design:

If your website doesn’t interest your audience in the first 10 seconds, they will most likely go looking for another. Website UI/UX play an important role in the whole customer experience of your website. Our team of experts are constantly in the know of latest trends and updates in the digital world. They know what works and what doesn’t for your brand and accordingly design the best website for your company. 

Different types of Website Design and development that we cater to are:

Corporate Website

Every corporate a need a creative and unique website to represent the brand and communicate the brand message to attract its audience. We create websites that are aligned with your brand image and gives out your message in a clear, clean and concise manner. 

ECommerce Website

An e-commerce website doesn’t just have to be easy to navigate and unique in design but it also requires to be super secure and safe for your customers to make transactions. Our team of professionals make sure that all safety, design and UI aspects of your website are well taken care of.

Portfolio Website

A brand’s portfolio is its best asset and need to be represented in a way that it attracts new audiences and keeps them engaged. We create designs in sync with the latest trends and help you boost your online growth through your website.

Landing Page Design

A landing page is one of the most important aspect of web design and development as it is the first thing that your customers come across. Our designers make sure that they communicate the right message for your marketing goals and objectives. 

Blog / News Website

Too much text can sometimes repel your audience which is where we come to your rescue. We make sure to design your website in a way that the entire flow of your website is seamless and easy to navigate through. 

Video Content Website

80% users prefer video content over any other form of content. Your website says a great deal about the type of brand you are. We help you create a website design that is interactive and engaging for the audience as well as the brand.